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A sound Incident Learning and Response program is a vital component to any organization which wants to reduce their exposure to risks and liabilities, reduce operating costs and avoid confrontations with regulators and the public. It also provides insurance to guard against greater government regulatory enforcement, fines/penalties and lawsuits.

If an incident does occur, an organization must have in place a process to; a) respond to the incident; b) communicate the incident; c) investigate the incident; d) determine the cause of the incident; e) learn from the incident; f) make recommendations and changes to reduce the possibility of similar incidents from occurring; g) track incidents.

The ELEMENTS Network assists organizations in the design and implementation of Incident Learning and Response processes. Our professionals have over 15 years of experience in response to incidents, incident management and incident resolution.

It is our experience that most Incident Management systems fail because they are either too complicated, too esoteric or incorrectly designed for the type of business involved.


  • design/implement an incident learning and response program tailored specifically to a company’s needs.
  • provide training.
  • design manuals and other resource tools, including intra/internet solutions.
  • provide consultation