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Environmental Impact Assessments(EIAs) are an essential tool for the identification of key environmental factors that may be impacted by development projects.

The ELEMENTS Network conducts environmental impact assessments, conservation and reclamation approvals and related assessments for proposed linear developments (e.g. pipelines), gas plants, compressor stations, metering stations and various oil and gas facilities.

ELEMENTS conducts low cost, high quality assessments by utilizing highly trained and experienced professionals who have a proven track record working with regulators, landowners, public interest groups and industry.

ELEMENTS utilizes low cost state of the art technologies in conjunction with proven and simple field assessment techniques to create an effective and timely study, identifying all relevant environmental issues and solutions to those issues.

Our professionals have fostered positive relations with regulators which enables them to quickly determine the key environmental issues for a project and resolve them in a practical and cost effective means.

Environmental Impact Assessments do not have to be an onerous undertaking for developers. It is our experience that many consulting firms have a tendency to acquire non relevant environmental information which is not only costly to the client but is not required by regulators. Project proponents do not need to pay exorbitant consultant rates and expenses. ELEMENTS provides a ‘low overhead’ network of professionals that deliver superior services and products to our customers at significantly lower costs than our competitors.