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An Environment, Health and Safety(EH&S) Facility Audit is a review of a particular aspect of a company’s operations which can include: an inspection of facilities and properties; a review of standard, practices, instructions and procedures; a review of management systems; an inspection of equipment; a review of incident records; an assessment of regulatory compliance; an assessment of pollution prevention plans/systems.

An EH&S audit is typically used to help identify any potential environment, health, safety and risk liabilities and provide solutions to eliminating or minimizing those concerns.

Audits that address environment, health and safety issues are typically undertaken as a voluntary measure, although in some circumstances it could be due to a regulatory or financial institution requirement. Certification under ISO 14000 (an International series of standards that pertain to environmental management) requires companies to perform regular audits of their facilities.

The ELEMENTS Network provides experienced auditors who have an in-depth knowledge of oil and gas industry operations. They can readily identify environmental, health and safety liabilities that may pose a risk to a company’s operations and provide recommendations for eliminating or mitigating those concerns. They have a sound understanding of regulatory processes and regulations that apply to a company’s facilities and operations.

ELEMENTS delivers a practical and affordable audit service that separates the real issues from supposititous ones.