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hazards to our

Contamination of soil, water and the air can occur from just about any industrial process, public activity or natural phenomena. In most cases, the source of the pollutant can be easily identified and steps can be taken to either eliminate or alleviate the concern. However, many industrial activities generate contaminates which often go unidentified or undetected for many years.

Another common scenario is that one industry can generate a contaminate which impacts another industry, sometimes unbeknown to one or both parties.

Proactive management reduces costs, risks and exposure to liabilities.

With a trend to greater intervention and enforcement by regulators, it is a prudent move by companies to proactively identify contamination concerns associated with their activities. Companies risk losing control over a contaminant issue, if someone other than themselves finds out before they do. This can lead to adverse public reaction ,regulatory intervention and financial loss.

The ELEMENTS Network provides exceptional services and expertise to investigate contaminants generated from oil, gas, chemical and manufacturing facilities.

Our professionals have extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of hazardous materials, ranging from petroleum hydrocarbons to synthetic compounds, such as polychlorinated biphenyls to metals, such as chromium and mercury. We offer a low cost and practical service by applying an innovative and common sense approach to contaminant investigations. We also develop and implement processes for the safe and cost effective containment, treatment or disposal of contaminants.