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An Environment, Health and Safety(EH&S) management system is a process which enables a company to manage, measure and improve upon EH&S issues.

Key components include: an environmental, health and safety policy; identification of the issues; targets and objectives; monitoring and auditing; performance evaluation; labeling; life cycle assessments; regulatory compliance; information management.

The key to success of any EH&S management system is effective integration. It is an essential element for organizations that want to eliminate redundancies, improve cost efficiencies, achieve superior performance and reduce risk.

Integration does not only involve environmental, health and safety issues, but also issues of quality management, facility operation, emergency response, accounting and human resources to list a few.

The ELEMENTS Network’s philosophy on designing and implementing an EH&S management system is that it must be; a) cost effective; b) flexible; c) maintainable; d) user friendly; e) compatible; f) best practice; g) meet industry and government standards (ISO 14000).

The ELEMENTS Network provides professionals who have been involved with the design, implementation and integration of EH&S management systems since 1985.

From our experience, a sound EH&S management system can be low cost without sacrificing any financial benefits or increasing company exposure to risk. Maintaining adherence to government regulations and company policy/standards can be accomplished efficiently and cost effectively.